A Revealing Case!

Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban

Although Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank are victims of the Zionist genocide, reactions to what they are facing and enduring are not only of Palestinian concern. Everyone agrees that the cold-blooded killings of children, infants, and women and the destruction of homes over the heads of their innocent owners, the bombing of hospitals, schools, shelters, mosques, churches, and ambulance vehicles are the most barbarous crimes against humanity that have been witnessed in the 21st century.

Meanwhile, culprits have been preoccupied with censoring media outlets and images that would touch the conscience of humanity, spending billions of dollars to prevent their propagation, and tightening the siege on the isolated Gaza Strip, instead of putting an end to this brutal ethnic cleansing of an entire indigenous population. Nonetheless, understanding the reactions of peoples, nations, and individuals to this atrocity requires a thoughtful reflection and an explanation befitting the sense of humanity in every human being, as well as the high responsibility God entrusted them with by placing them at the pinnacle of all creatures on this planet.

Josh Paul is a US State Department official who resigned because he couldn’t push for a more “humanitarian” policy and could no longer contribute to the killing of civilians and Palestinians in his role. He expressed his human conscience and ethical values, despite the personal cost he had to pay.

Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, who expressed her support for Palestine, had her name removed from the Israeli school curricula after being previously considered an educational role model.

Additionally, hundreds of American Jews protested at the US Congress to express their opposition to the shelling of Palestinian people with white phosphorus, the killing of women and children, and the deprivation of 2.2 million people of water, food, medicine, and fuel, stating loudly, “Not in our name.”

The UN Secretary-General also did the same when he spoke the truth, saying that what we witnessed on October 7th is the result of years of oppression, repression, violence, and humiliation of the Palestinian people.

Colombian President, Gustavo Petro, and the people of Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, Cuba, and Venezuela in Latin America also expressed similar sentiments. People and governments around the world, as well as Jewish, Muslim, and Christian communities in all countries (including the Armenian Christian community), stood up to say NO to the killing of children and mothers, NO to the bombing of homes and hospitals, and NO to the deliberate and brutal killing of civilians, crying out for the respect of human dignity. They were all expressing their cultural heritage, their human conscience, and their high moral values. Their support for the Palestinians and their commendable stance against injustice, cruelty, and genocide is, in itself, an expression of who they are and a testimony to their humanity and ethical values.

Applying the same measures, we can ascertain today that the United Nations Security Council and many international organizations have lost their legitimacy. United Nations-affiliated organizations, especially the Security Council, have proven their failure to speak the truth or commit to actions that may help protect human lives.

This is a turning point that will have its repercussions in the near future, and there is no doubt that efforts are underway to find effective alternatives capable of fulfilling the role for which the Security Council and international organizations were established after World War II. However, the abusive use of the VETO right by the United States to allow Zionist criminals to kill as many children in Gaza as possible has undermined the original purpose for which this VETO power was granted to these countries, which is to maintain international security and peace, and which was the founding purpose of the Security Council and the basis for granting them the VETO right.

Instead of listening to the heartfelt and careful voices emanating from all over the globe, the tyrants harnessed their abilities to hide images and silence any voice that might tell the truth about what was happening on the battleground, trying to extinguish the light of bright truth. They have reached the level of writing articles and conducting dialogues that consider the press conference of the released Israeli hostage, Yocheved Lifshitz, a disaster for “Israel” because she spoke of Palestinians’ kindness and their good treatment of hostages.

Instead of asking why the Zionist entity does not treat Palestinian prisoners in the same good way, which is a moral duty for all those who hold captives; the broad question in Yedioth Ahronot became: “Why did Israel allow this disaster in public relations?” They brutalize Palestinian prisoners, most of whom are hostages kidnapped from barricades and from their homes and are unjustly held as “administrative prisoners”, and all that matters to them is to preserve the “bright” image of the Zionist entity in the eyes of others.

However, the most important result of the enormous and great sacrifices made by the Palestinian people over the past month in Gaza and the brave cities of the West Bank, Jenin, Nablus, Ramallah, and al-Khalil is that they have brought the Palestinian cause back to life in the conscience of mankind, on all continents. They have revealed the true face of the usurper entity; which has no regard for childhood or even human life, and commits the most brutal crimes without batting an eyelid.

Suffice it to say, this Zionist entity is also killing Israeli captives and not only torturing and killing Palestinian hostages in his dark prisons, and is not afraid of any accountability due to the support of the rulers of America and Europe to his Apartheid regime and genocide against Arabs in occupied Palestine. To date, the Zionist entity has killed more than 60 Israeli detainees in Gaza and is trying to kill the remainder of them so that the exchange with Palestinian hostages will not take place. That is to say, human life, whether Palestinian or Israeli, Jewish, Muslim or Christian, is worthless as far as they are concerned, because their calculations exceed the value of human life, which becomes a cheap tool for them to achieve their goals.

All this entity has focused on doing since the beginning of the vicious war of extermination against the Palestinians is to obscure its crimes and mislead the world about what is going on in Palestine.

However, despite all endeavors, the Palestinians, along with free people from all over the world, and from different cultures, religions, and ethnicities, have succeeded in placing the Palestinian case in its right place: at the forefront of global issues and international conscience. There is no doubt that the path of supporting fair issues, especially thorny ones, like the Palestinian issue, needs time, effort, patience, consistency, and continuity, but the process has doubtlessly already begun, and the Palestinian people’s ongoing sacrifices for a century have begun to come to light and yield results.

  1. All we need from now on is to learn the lessons of October 7 and address the faults, knowing for sure that the hearts of the free people of the world are with just causes, and that some governments, no matter what they do, will not be able to divert the course of history! They will not be able to erase the case of a nation that is determined, with great resolve, to live on their own land. The Oslo Accords and the Abraham Path will not be able to compete with the families of those who chose to be martyrs for the dignity and justice of their cause.

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