An Alternative Narrative

Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban

Almost everything we know about China or any other country or civilization is the result of what has been planted in our minds by a well-trained Western media whose primary function for the past century has been to shape human minds and concepts in a way that serves the Western colonial project. Western media repeatedly echo attributes and judgments over the years to become part of the audience’s culture, even if they completely contradict the lived and tangible reality. The weight and seriousness of this narrative have increased with the rise of social media and the decline of written journalism. Therefore, someone who would like to discover certain facts about China, for example, can only do so by revisiting a set of concepts implanted by Western media. Then, to get to know the real China, they must sift Western propaganda. When they get to this stage, they probably realize that they need to forget everything they have learned through Western media and discover truths with an open unbiased mind.

Everything we’ve read about China, the single-party dictatorship, and people’s yearning for Western-style democracies, as well as the perceived inability of this Chinese system to achieve freedom and growth for its citizens, crumbles in the face of a vision of an organized, vibrant, and committed population. They are dedicated to fighting poverty and raising the standard of living, not only in China but in all countries that share China’s vision and principles of belonging to one human family and working together to build a world that serves the interests of humanity everywhere. How beautiful it is to witness ancient heritage and authenticity intertwined with the latest advancements in science and technology. To see pride, dignity, and nobility linked with the highest levels of humility and respect of others, without racism, arrogance, or discrimination, and in complete disregard of ethnicity, color, or religion.

After most of the world as a whole discovered the falsehood of Western democracy and its use as a cover for oppressing peoples, plundering their wealth, and occupying countries, one can only welcome a visionary system with a future horizon that adopts dialogue, consultation, and exploration to establish the foundations of global development, global civilization, and global security. China alone forms the root and foundation of this vision, extending through one belt and one road to all corners of the world eager to engage in construction, cooperation, and development.

While Western democracies have been busy inciting wars, strife, and interfering in the internal affairs of countries, paving the way for looting their wealth and impoverishing them, and keeping them subservient to Western will, China adheres to non-interference in the internal affairs of nations and assists in building strong nations and institutions that reflect security and prosperity for their own people, without impositions, conditions, or restrictions.

In China, women are present in all workplaces, but with modesty and dignity, without a focus on female appearance. Instead, the emphasis is on appearing with respect, competence, and contributions that transcend a person’s gender or age. To achieve this, China has implemented a policy of accommodating all children in nurseries and kindergartens, focusing on building a person physically and morally before the age of seven to ensure a generation that believes in belonging to their homeland, possesses immunity and resilience against the schemes of enemies and opponents. At the same time, it provides mothers with the ideal opportunity to pursue their specialization, work, or production without being forced to choose between family or career, as women are mostly obligated to do in Western countries. Women having to choose between their family and career is an inhumane choice, contrary to the needs of women and reality and destructive to the core of human society, which is the family. In the past three decades, China has produced a generation of resilient and committed young men and women who are not easily corrupted, thanks to the attention given to their development and values from a very young age. While the West claims that such an approach robs individuals of their freedom of choice, we have all witnessed today where this unfettered freedom, devoid of values and ethics, leads. It poses a danger to the structure of the family, society, and even the humanity of individuals, their balance, and their role in life.

China places great importance on education and scientific research systems, allocating very generous budgets for research within universities and specialized research centers. The significant difference between these centers and those in the West is that Western research centers often produce outputs that reinforce global dominance and control, wrapping it in the cloak of freedom and human rights. Hence, the authoritarian traits attributed by the West to everything related to China become hollow and devoid of any substance on the ground. This is because the result of Chinese policies is a strong state and dignified citizens, as poverty and destitution are the enemies of human dignity and life. As long as Chinese policy places immense emphasis on lifting people out of poverty, it certainly champions the humanity and dignity of individuals. In contrast, we find poverty hotspots spreading in major Western cities, and poverty being disseminated wherever the West or its proxies have a presence. The West and its intelligence agencies are known to sow seeds of corruption within the political and social structures of any country they manage to tighten their grip on.

In China, they celebrate the harvest seasons and media outlets dedicate pages to showcase the impressive competition in production. During such festivities, Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasizes that the central goal of agricultural development should be to raise the level of farmers and improve their material conditions. He encourages all efforts aimed at developing methods and approaches to increase farmers’ income so that their pockets become full, leading to better lives. Whether you are in the streets of Hangzhou or Beijing, it feels like you are in a permanent flower exhibition because the elegance and sophistication in planting and designing flowers are unparalleled in any Western city. This raises the overall taste and cultural level of all people.

As for transparency, there is no doubt, that no one holds physical currency, and even children are barely aware of the existence of physical money. China has built a model for mobile electronic payments that is used from the remotest farm to the largest cities. There are no bank transfers, no withdrawals, and no cash amounts to wonder about their source. Instead, there is a code on phones through which payments are made, putting a definitive end to corruption, commissions, and financial dishonesty. This is in contrast to Western countries that claim to fight corruption while looting billions from Iraq, Libya, Syria, Gulf countries, and any nation they can dominate, plundering the historical heritage of these countries. Today, they plunder the oil, wheat, minerals, and resources of any country they can establish a foothold in. The contradiction between words and actions in Western systems is truly alarming, while in China, we witness unparalleled respect for every word, covenant, or promise, and they have a memory that drives them to review, think, and learn from the lessons of the past.

In the next phase, China should focus on its narratives, and on its global image and make doubled efforts to make the world more aware of its history and the enormous steps it has taken to combat poverty and corruption. China should also highlight the type of democracy that is compatible with Chinese culture and the needs and aspirations of the Chinese people. In doing so, it presents a vivid and shining model for the necessity of aligning the style of governance with the culture and needs of each nation. This counters the false idea that the West has promoted for decades about the universality of liberal democracy, especially given that this form of democracy has proven its failure and disastrous consequences on the peoples of the world, even in Western countries, and it poses serious dangers to the safety of human society, its nature, and its future.

China has reached a stage that enables it to be a model of self-confidence, history, and the future, serving as an exemplary role for all nations eager to shake off Western arrogance, rid themselves of racism, and the Western pretentiousness that seeks to erase the special identity of people and their distinct characteristics. China’s triumph in playing a leading role in a multipolar world is a triumph for the free and spontaneous human will, a victory for good over evil, and a triumph over the serious challenges the West has imposed on most people in today’s world.

This article was published in Al Mayadeen, on 15 Oct. 2023.

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