Fall of the last leaf

Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban

For the past week, the world has been experiencing a state of shock and dismay, with various reactions depending on motivations, goals, speculations, estimates, and efforts regarding the course of events and their potential outcomes. Amid the misleading media campaigns that have accompanied all of these events and in light of the direct targeting of those who dare cover the truth, it is necessary to pause for a moment and calmly contemplate the distant and near history and the underlying causes before being overwhelmed with narratives woven by the aggressors and their supporters, who try to be the only source of news. In this context, we need first to dispel concepts the West has been striving to instill in the minds of most people to serve Western identity and interests.

The so-called “New World”, which includes the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, was founded first and foremost on the complete eradication of indigenous peoples, the looting of their land, and the claim of being the rightful owners of the land. The genocide was so paradigmatic and led to profound consequences that it hardly left any trace of those peoples for humanity to understand their history, culture, and way of life. Within the scope of this campaign, even the buffalo wasn’t spared from extermination. People were deprived of food, leading to hunger and poverty. In addition, deadly diseases were spread. Ultimately, this resulted in their global annihilation.

Therefore, it is no surprise that this group, which has historically perpetrated genocide, is producing generations and leaders who support similar racist acts in Palestine. Those neo-aggressors are aiming at the extermination and the annihilation of the indigenous people, seizing their land and claiming it as their own, doing everything necessary to make the world forget the roots of the indigenous populations who were historically the owners of the land. All Western calls led by the United States to condemn the hideous crimes are a waste of time because the US and Western countries are accomplices in all crimes perpetrated against the Palestinian, Syrian, Lebanese, Iraqi, and Yemeni people over the past decades. Dozens of veto resolutions adopted by the United States in the United Nations and the Security Council are listed among the fundamental obstacles to achieving justice for the Palestinian people. How could we ask the United States and Western countries to condemn the crime while they support and stand behind all massacres perpetrated in Palestine?

The essence of this brutal Western stance toward the Palestinian people, the spilling of their blood in front of the world, and the reluctance of Western nations to condemn the killing of children, women, medical teams, and journalists in front of camera lenses stems from a purely racist concept that considers all Arabs – not only Palestinians – to be of a lineage that is lower than that of the Zionists or Westerners. Therefore, they do not believe they are killing human beings equal to them in humanity, but rather, as the Israeli Security Minister said, they consider them “human animals”, which serves as a sufficient justification for their extermination and justifies the West’s failure to condemn these horrific massacres committed by the Zionists against innocent civilians in occupied Palestine both in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. This ongoing extermination, which has been happening for decades and is the primary cause of this overwhelming anger, affects the entire Arab and Palestinian population wherever they are, and this is confirmed by the policy of assassinations against Palestinians and Arabs in various parts of the world.

The new development today, in addition to the fragility of the occupying entity and the resurgence of resistance and its steadfast fighters, is that the world today has begun a transition from being enthralled by the West to looking Eastward and Southward. These rising historical powers, Russia, China, and the BRICS countries, are engaged in their battle for their own reasons against Western hegemony, Western lies, and Western deception that deceived the world for decades. Thus, the West is no longer able to carry on with these false claims as peoples are now more mature and more experienced and have taken a decisive stance that is still crystallizing at many levels until the opportunity arises to permanently change the balance of power at the international stage.

The other new development today is that media and communication methods have undergone a radical transformation compared to the times of genocide wars perpetrated by the European white man for centuries, as well as the times of wars in Vietnam and Afghanistan. It has become possible for social media platforms to broadcast their content regardless of official media outlets and their editorial control. This has led to the assassination of journalists, from Shireen Abu Akleh to Issam Abdallah, and dozens of other journalists who could not be silenced by the Israeli machinery of oppression and injustice. Yet, the United States sent its aircraft carrier and made all manifestations of power that are never commensurate with a handful of fighters, in an obvious show of force to deter anyone from supporting the Palestinians.

The new thing about this matter is that we are living in the year 2023, not in 1948 when the Zionists succeeded, through perpetrating massacres and using loudspeakers, in convincing farmers and peaceful residents to leave their land and homes, promising them a “safe return” within a week. Since that date, generations have been telling their descendants that we should never leave, as this was the biggest deception that the Palestinian people were subjected to after dozens of massacres were committed against them. However, Palestinian generations have shaped their awareness that staying on the land is a fundamental condition for regaining their rights and not becoming eternal refugees demanding the right to return.

The battle being waged today by Palestinians in Palestine is at the heart of the battle Syria fought and that Russia, China, and the BRICS are still fighting to rid themselves of systems of dominance created by colonial occupiers of land and history. They aim to build a multipolar world that works for a secure, free, and prosperous future for all humans. If Arab and Islamic stances haven’t risen to the level of Palestinian generosity and sacrifices, it is an honor for the Arabs that Palestine is fighting alongside free nations and peoples in the world to end Western oppression, arrogance, injustice, and aggression that has burdened humanity for centuries.

The last fig leaf of the West, with its claims of civilization and freedom, has fallen, and the years to come will reveal the effects of this heroic action in Palestine on the future of the entire West. Moreover, all Western propaganda for the so-called “Abraham Accords” and normalization paths, which the United States has been promoting for years, ignoring a proud and noble Arab people, who reject this Western arrogance, has crumbled. Therefore, the brave action of October 7, which is an absolute rejection of injustice, settlement, occupation, captivity, displacement, and humiliation, will be continued not only in Palestine but at the level of the Arab people in all Arab countries and among the free people of the world as well. History will mark October 7 as an important date in the transformations that will lead to a completely different world from the one shaped by the West through the power of arms, oppression, and continuous deception. The horrifying massacres against innocent civilians in Palestine, particularly against women, children, media, and health corps, will qualify the Zionist entity to join those who eliminated entire peoples and cultures from the face of the earth and will secure the Israelis and their Western supporters a place in the list of abhorrent human shame.

It takes no courage or chivalry to bring down a ceiling on the heads of innocent sleeping souls, but it only takes cowardice and a huge proportion of evil criminality in devious minds. We should make sure this time to write down events as they happened and to register history for the upcoming generation so that criminals will never dare claim to be civilized or advocates of human rights.

With the incredible support “Israel” has got from the West to continue its horrendous crimes against Palestinians, the true face of the West is there for anyone to see: A West that supports genocide and ethnic cleansing and claims to be democratic and an advocate of human rights.

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