Is There Not a Wise Man Among You?

Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban

Amid an unprecedented human tragedy caused by the war of genocide perpetrated by the Zionist entity against an entire people to reclaim its sinful occupation of the land and sea, I watched the gathering of what we mistakenly call “leaders” from the United States and Europe at the recent G7 summit in Japan, seeking the slightest trace of normal human empathy, regardless of their official and political duties, only to end up empty handed!

Does holding these high political positions imply a detachment from basic human empathy? Does it mean an erosion of any sense of awareness towards women, children, and men dying due to the shortage of oxygen, water, medicine, and food right before their eyes? How can protests resonate worldwide without reaching those sitting in their offices, claiming to represent their people and the interests of humanity?

Can members of the UK House of Commons vote against a ceasefire in Gaza? Isn’t it their duty, as presumed political actors, to vote for a ceasefire and seek political solutions? Can a head of state withdraw from a simple statement like, “Today civilians are being bombed, these children, women, and elderly are being shelled and dying,” only to find himself the next day calling the Zionist leaders, apologizing for what he said, and expressing support for the right of the occupying entity to what they call self-defense?!

Can member states of the G7 allocate time to distinguish between a humanitarian truce and a humanitarian pause, only to end up with a “humanitarian pause” because it is shorter than a truce, knowing that they are discussing a reality of unprecedented ethnic cleansing and violation of the lives of humans, plants, stones, frostbitten children, newborns, and mothers?

The war of genocide perpetrated by the occupying forces, with full support from Western countries led by the United States, Britain, France, and Germany, has proven that the Western claims of democracy, freedom, and human rights are falsehoods. The vast gap in their countries between the rulers and the ruled reveals that there is no voice or opinion for their people in the decisions made by the ruling tyrannies. The right to protest exists, but the political tyrants place no value on the protesters or their voices, no matter how numerous they may be! Protesters scream while officials in their meeting rooms stay deaf and blind, making decisions that align with those who finance their election campaigns.

This painful period has proven that the Zionist movement does not represent all Jews. Hundreds of thousands of Jews have distanced themselves from the war crimes and genocide committed by the Zionist apartheid entity. Therefore, cooperation and solidarity between Jews, Muslims, and Christians to protect the humanity of mankind should be the clear and on the right path from now on. This should be done while remaining steadfast against the Zionist entity’s blackmail, claims, and intentional and constant mixing of the concepts of Judaism and Zionism, especially with the rise of reputable Jewish voices who have taken a bold and honorable stance against the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank, and throughout Palestine.

Another equally important truth that has become clear is that not all Zionists are Jewish; as there are Christian Zionists, Muslim Zionists, and Hindu Zionists among them, some are hidden, and others are openly declaring their Zionism, and endorsing the mass killing of tens of thousands of Arabs in Gaza through a most relentless aerial bombardment.

The global conscience has proven its deep comprehension of the situation, despite all attempts of distortion in the Zionist-funded Western media. This conscience rose across continents in support of the Palestinian people and their legitimate right to live peacefully and freely in their sovereign state. It expressed a resolute rejection of the Zionist occupation of Palestine, and support for the freedom of Palestine and its people.

This has elevated the Palestinian cause to the forefront of global attention, making it a top priority in world political and liberation issues. The Palestinian cause is no longer solely an Arab or Islamic issue but a truly global one, much like the liberation movement for South Africa, which was embraced by the entire world before the end of the apartheid regime in South Africa.

This global conscience has easily debunked all the deceptive propaganda of Zionism and its allies, rejecting their narratives and accusations of terrorism against legitimate resistance. It boldly and convincingly stood alongside the Resistance, supporting it in its battle against the heinous acts committed by the occupying forces, from killing to war crimes, and violations of all sanctities. The world conscience recognized that Resistance movements everywhere are a natural response to occupation, oppression, injustice, and terrorism.

Before the Israeli aggression on Lebanon in 1982, there was no party named Hezbollah. However, this party was formed to liberate Lebanon’s lands, will and people, and to release Lebanese prisoners from the oppressive Zionist prisons established by the Israelis on Lebanese soil. Historical logic promises all occupiers with Resistance that will eventually return them to where they came from, exactly as people witnessed in Algeria, Vietnam, South Africa, and elsewhere. This is a legitimate right for nations, protected by all international treaties and norms.

Until today, the West refuses to define terrorism, but we say that the blatant and ongoing Israeli aggression on Palestine is a vivid embodiment of terrorism, murder, injustice, and violation of human lives whose only mistake is that they are trying to live on the land of their fathers and forefathers.

The war of genocide perpetrated by Zionism on Palestinians has yielded lessons that will take years to be documented and classified in world history. It has proven that Western governments, as a whole, do not give weight to humanitarian laws and international organizations. The mockery of the statement “Israel’s right to defend itself” will be a real shame in their history. This war not only eradicates human lives but also wipes out cultures, libraries, histories, traditions, customs, and practices; it exactly brings to mind what the Americans did to the original inhabitants of America and Australia to the Aborigines, the native inhabitants of Australia.

Perhaps it is these lessons combined that reflected such calm and reassurance in President Xi Jinping, when he stated to his American counterpart Joe Biden in a meeting, “China will not follow the old path of colonization and plunder, and it will not follow the wrong path of dominance when a country becomes powerful.” He urged his host to cease arming Taiwan, asserting that China will achieve reunification: “This is inevitable.”

There is no doubt that President Xi, who witnessed the American-Zionist brutality in Palestine and whose country expressed support for Palestinians, is certain that Western Zionist aggression is destined for bankruptcy and loss. He understands that China’s path, characterized by human collaboration, respect for others, non-interference, and departure from domination, is the path that will ultimately prevail.

In the end, China builds, works, and waits, while we, who are facing eternal greed in our land, history, and resources, must scrutinize what is befalling our people in Palestine, expedite self-building, and fortify our nations, taking into account all the regional and international lessons learned.

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