The Axis and the Alliance

Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban

I am currently reading a recently released book titled “Love, Loyalty and Deceit” published by Berghahn in Oxford and New York. Although the theme of the book revolves around unconventional personal relationships, it is rich in historical, social, anthropological, and political insights. That is because the main characters were among the pioneers who established anthropology at the University of London and conducted research and anthropological missions in China, Malaysia, India, and Burma before and during World War II.

The expeditions were comprised of the most skilled and capable researchers who studied these societies in terms of ethics, religion, and history, delved into clan and gender differences, and arrived at optimal approaches for dealing with these human groups. When World War II broke out, the research papers and the findings of challenging journeys that spanned over several months or years were the most precious and crucial things that were safeguarded from sinking, loss, and disappearance. Since then, the exchange between the United States and Britain in terms of science, information, and research has been very similar to the exchange between universities and the citizens of the same country.

This legacy was significantly strengthened after World War II, and this intellectual and orientalist heritage, which scrutinizes all other societies with a condescending perspective, has unmistakably become an exceptional Western legacy. Eastern and Southern societies have become subjects of research with the aim of tightening control over them, plundering their resources, and maintaining them in a state of underdevelopment to facilitate easy exploitation. When Japan occupied Burma, some of these researchers returned to Burma, India, and Malaysia. Their declared mission was to recruit spies from these societies in favor of the United Kingdom, resist the Japanese, and ensure the continued Western British grip on these regions.

Almost a century later today, we face the same Western strategy in Palestine and the Arab world in general, as well as in Asia and Africa. This strategy focuses on studying and understanding our societies and their ethnic and religious compositions in order to find the easiest ways to penetrate them and recruit spies from within the vulnerable to serve the continuation of Western dominance, suppressing people, plundering their wealth, preventing countries from achieving continuous growth and prosperity by instigating wars, which primarily aim to prevent our societies from evolving or achieving true political, economic, and social independence.

In addition to the contrived wars against Arabs and the peoples of Asia and Africa, the West has fundamentally relied on sowing discord among people of the same country, same religion, same sect, and same society. They have manipulated religious, sectarian, ethnic, and doctrinal distinctions in a way like never before. Hence, the fundamental adversary to Western agendas is genuine coexistence, cooperation, and solidarity among society members and communities that share common elements and pursue shared goals. Therefore, they divided the Arab world into 22 countries and delineated Africa, according to colonial borders. This is why you find them provoking separatist sentiments in Yugoslavia, Iran, Ukraine, and everywhere else.

In this cognitive context, it is pertinent to refer to an article published by Foreign Affairs on January 17, 2024, titled “How the War in Gaza Revived the Axis of Resistance,” regardless of the ambiguity in terminology used in the report, which implies that the events of October 7 were a witness to murder and kidnapping, while all the Zionist war crimes of genocide against civilians, including children and women in Gaza and Palestine in general, are referred to in the passive tense. The destruction and bombing of hospitals, schools, homes, universities, and worship places are mentioned without identifying the perpetrator. Nevertheless, despite all this intentional Western violation of language and terminology, forfeiting facts, the article focused on the danger of the idea of solidarity between Iran and Syria, the Resistance in Palestine, Hezbollah, and Yemen, emphasizing that coordination among these entities poses a very serious threat to the West and “Israel”. It forewarns “Israel” and the West of a new reality they may have to face.

The article expresses surprise and awe at the Resistance’s mastery of social media and its diligence in debunking its actions within the framework of international legitimacy, a factor that resonates persuasively in other societies even in Western ones. The article suggests that this constitutes a challenge to the West, provokes anger among supportive communities, and enhances the influence of the Axis of Resistance. Hence, the writer called for an end to the war in Gaza and the attainment of a final settlement before the West loses its influence and position in the Middle East. The article further admits that “the United States can neither easily dismantle the axis nor defeat the ideas that spawned it. The only way to take the wind out of the axis’s sails is to end the war in Gaza and negotiate a real and just settlement to the Israeli-Palestinian issue. Unless this is done, the axis will be a regional reality that the United States will have to contend with for many years to come.”

The article did not mention that the Western alliance, a partner in the war of genocide on Palestine since the Zionist massacres of Deir Yassin and all the killing, annihilation, ethnic cleansing, and contempt for international law, has permanently altered the reality, and no one will be able to turn back the clock ever again. The Western political and ethical deceptions have been exposed right in front of those whom they tried to cheat for centuries with their “freedom” and “democracy” slogans. Now it has become obvious that the West cannot care less about ethics, innocent human lives, or childhood and that it tramples on all norms and laws, including the laws of war and the treatment of prisoners. All of this is to support its colonial base in the Arab world. That is why the entire West remained as silent as the grave about the worst atrocities that humanity had ever witnessed. The colonial and brutal nature of the Western alliance has been exposed, as it supported the terrorism of a racist Zionist entity whose crimes are no different from those of ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Therefore, people’s awareness cannot be frozen and cannot be reverted to pre-Gaza war times.

The repercussions of what happened in Palestine on the region and the world at large cannot be underestimated and will continue to reverberate for decades in a way the West never imagined. The brutal war against Palestine has proclaimed the resounding downfall of the West in the consciences of all the peoples of the earth, and the West will reap the consequences of this for decades to come.

I completely agree with what the researcher Sholto Byrnes stated in his article in The National on January 17, 2024, titled “South Africa’s case against Israel has exposed post-colonial fissures around the world.” Byrnes said, “We are witnessing a seismic shift. Leaders of the former colonizing nations don’t seem to be aware of just how much goodwill they are squandering, or of how their actions are hardening attitudes against them, around the globe.” It was notable that Namibia contributed to protesting against Germany’s presence at the International Court of Justice session alongside the Zionist delegation. Namibian President Hage Geingob furiously declared that “Germany, which committed the first genocide of the twentieth century from 1904-1908, in which tens of thousands of innocent Namibians died in the most inhumane and brutal conditions, cannot morally express commitment to the United Nations Convention against genocide and has no right to sit in this place.”

The West has exerted all its political and media efforts to support the monstrous crimes of genocide committed by the Zionist entity since day one of the aggression on Gaza in an attempt to show its power and regain its global position, but the tables have been turned, and history will record the aggression against Palestine and the heinous genocide of the Palestinian people as the beginning of the end of Western colonialism, with all its lies, hypocrisy, racism, and plunder committed against all mankind. The train has departed from Gaza station, and their alliances will no longer be able to stop it.

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