Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban

The major mistake humanity committed in the modern era is its failure to dedicate the necessary time and effort to uncover the injustices committed by the white man in the West against indigenous peoples. It failed to chronicle a true and precise history of the genocide, torture, siege, plunder of wealth, and development of weapons of mass destruction, and genocide perpetrated against the peoples in colonies in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. It also failed to document the destruction of peoples’ cultures and the employment of media to distort realities, brainwash minds, and undermine human values, especially through burying indigenous languages and replacing them with the colonial language that still stands as the official language of the inhabitants of former colonies. Some inhabitants of these colonies now even glorify the West, praising the civilization built upon the skulls of their own children and the museums enriched with looted artifacts from these colonies, not to mention the stolen wealth used to construct the colonizers’ homelands, while keeping the plundered peoples in abject poverty for centuries.

These crimes have been a source of controversy and debate among the inhabitants of the colonies for centuries: some have become mentally and morally subservient to the colonizer, initially out of fear and later out of habit. Some people from former colonies defend the colonizers and think they are vital to their very existence, while others rebel against the entire colonial legacy but often without a substantial or valuable action against this legacy, thus failing to form a national and consequently an international stance to be reckoned with.

These could be some of the reasons why the true significance of countries has not been decisively settled on the historical, human, and ethical map. Fear, silence, and the fluctuating poverty of oppressed peoples under Western tyranny could be some of the reasons for the failure to reach a definitive resolution on this matter.

What has brought the world today to an unprecedented level of tyranny is the support provided by Western countries to terrorist killers engaged in daily genocide for the past five months against innocent civilians in Gaza and Palestine in general. All is happening before the eyes of a world claiming to be civilized. Yet, we have not witnessed a revolution in public opinion or a sincere and resolute action against these horrifying crimes. We do not even witness a statement befitting the horror of what is happening, except for Yemen, which we all take pride in as the origin of Arab identity, proving with merit that it deserves to be the origin, root, and stronghold of the Arabs.

After five months of the West waging a genocidal war against the innocent people of the besieged Strip, after the martyrdom of around thirty thousand people, mostly women and children, the displacement of more than a million people, and the perpetration of heinous massacres against doctors and journalists, and after all the inhuman actions of trees uprooting, animals shooting, food targeting, and the attacking of organizations, once called humanitarian, to make the population die of hunger, the genocide continues, falling on the deaf ears of the entire world, completely disregarding what is happening to its fellow human beings.

The United States and its Western allies persist in sending billions of various lethal weapons to empower their Zionist tools to continue perpetrating this gruesome genocide, unparalleled in history, at least in the past four centuries.

Others in the East, South, West, and everywhere believe they are safe and secure from what is happening, unaware that this disregard for humanity applies to all of them, albeit at different times and moments. The people of Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, and Iraq are not only defending Palestine and the safety of Palestinians but are also defending a world they envision free from Western colonial oppression. They stand against Western tyranny that has wreaked havoc on all our colonized nations, adjusting its tools without changing its objectives, targeting us, belittling us, and collectively killing us whenever its interests demand this.

Residents of the colonies expressing admiration for what the West has accomplished for its people should remember that this achievement was built on the skulls of their own children and the plundering of their own resources. The West treats its people in a completely different way, and others will never be treated in the same way. The most significant evidence of this is the immigrants from the Arab Maghreb in France, who are now the second and third generations; nevertheless, they still remain second or third-class citizens and have not been and will not be granted the status of the white European.

However, the aggression on Gaza reveals something even more perilous to humanity: the United States holds the international arena in its grip, punishing whom it chooses, compelling other nations to mete out punishments, severing ties with those it disapproves of, and trying to force others to adhere to its categorization of good, evil, terrorism, and more. If anyone attempts to issue any resolution in the Security Council to restore justice, the American veto is used to stop that. The most alarming revelation of this aggression is that the United States, along with Britain, France, and Germany, have seized the international will, subjugated it, and turned all nations into slaves following the dictates of the American administration, which openly declares its active participation in a war of extermination while hiding behind their dual fear: fear of taking action and fear of inaction. However, this silence and clinical death of any international movement against unprecedented tyranny in our modern era turn everyone into powerless slaves, incapable of doing anything. All they do is bow their heads to avert the impending disaster that might befall them in the next round.

In this context and analysis, the only true free individuals today are those resisting Western tyranny. They protest against it in the West, raising their voices against Western broadcasters, telling them, “Shame on you!, stop the war of extermination!, free Palestine!.” Even though the police silence them and force them out of the room handcuffed, allowing the host to resume the dialogue with himself, there is no doubt that all viewers know this is the truth; their consciences are stirred, and they cannot remain passive when they realize that the killing of every innocent Palestinian child and woman is a violation of their human dignity, warning them that they might face the same fate if they dare to express their opinions. Therefore, their complete silence tightens the grip of tyranny around their necks, rendering them powerless and helpless slaves in any matter they are about to undertake.

From this perspective, supporting Palestine today is the essential first step toward confronting the political tyrannical system enabled by the prevalent influence of Western intelligence agencies in the West, which currently control media, political parties, parliaments, and politicians in the West. Challenging the slavery imposed by this oppressive Western system on humanity as a whole represents the most significant liberation battle humanity faces in the twenty-first century. People must either choose freedom and be prepared to bear its costs or remain under the yoke of Western tyrants like Netanyahu and Biden, subject to any blow the tyrants decide to direct to them. Undoubtedly, the outcome of this battle will be significant for all. Will the major world powers continue to keep silent toward Western tyranny and tremble in fear, or will they hasten to stand on the right side of history as some leaders who have learned the lesson, like the Colombian, Bolivian, Venezuelan, and Brazilian presidents? It is not only their responsibility toward themselves or even just toward their countries but their crucial and definite responsibility toward the future of humanity and the future of this universe that God entrusted us with as His stewards on earth. Will we prove ourselves worthy of this responsibility?

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